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The post-2015 development agenda

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013

The post-2015 development agenda

The EU Development Commissioner, Andris Pielbags, met with journalists on June 4 to discuss over the UN high-level panel on the post- 2015 development agenda report.
The report, has been prepared by a high-level panel of 27 experts, co-chaired by the President of Indonesia, the UK Prime Minister and the President of Liberia.
The new development framework  is centered around 12 broad indicators and 50 objective targets which are articulated in four goals areas: eradicating extreme poverty; environmental sustainability; equity, human and political rights; and partnership.
Pielbags said that if the framework is well accepted it could become a binding agreement for the countries for the post- 2015 agenda.
The panel developed a framework of indicators and objectives focused on the concept of sustainability. The Commissioner stressed how the proposed framework  should be universally applied to developed and developing countries, overcoming  the dualism between north-south.  He outlined how consultation process with developing countries strongly underlined the importance of employment creation especially for young people.

Source: EurActiv