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'Delighted' by Fairtrade


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Delighted' by Fairtrade

According to Freshplaza, in 2011 Germans spent 400 million Euro on fairtrade products. What began with art and coffee has grown into a wide range of products (around 6000), even including face creams, travel companies and hotels. The principle consists of strengthening trade between industrial and developing countries, which should improve the life of small growers and agriculturists.
There are over 900 fairtrade projects worldwide, being 230 in Africa. The idea of 'socially responsible trade' arose in multiple countries in the 40´s, when the organisations 'Ten Thousand Villages' and 'Serv International' started 'trading with poor areas in the South' in the US. In Great Britain Oxfam started selling the handiwork of Chinese refugees in the 60's. The Dutch foundation S.O.S. imported the first worldwide fairly produced coffee in 1973.

Source: Freshplaza