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EP to put an end to 20-year hormone beef trade war


Thursday, 15 March 2012

EP to put an end to 20-year hormone beef trade war

MEPs recently approved EU concessions to help conclude the 20-year hormone beef trade war with the USA and Canada, and which was proposed by the International Trade (INTA) Committee  last January. Rapporteur Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl has stated that this decision  is a “win-win resolution for the EU” and that the  Parliament has taken a step that “will enable the EU agricultural industry […]”
According to the Parliament,  the deal allows the EU to keep its ban on imports of hormone-treated beef, in return for increasing its quota for imports of high-quality beef from the US and Canada.
Moreover, it would raise the EU's quality beef import quota to 48,200 tonnes. The US and Canada, for their part, have already suspended duties, imposed in retaliation against the EU's hormone-treated beef ban, on previously "blacklisted" products originating in 26 EU Member States (all except the UK), worth over US $250 million at today's prices.

Source:  European Parliament