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Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme

Africa and Europe have a common interest in accelerating the use of renewable energy resources and have much to gain from a joint approach to the development of renewable energy, an essential component of a global approach to meeting the energy needs of industry, transport, buildings and households without adversely affecting the climate. The two continents share a commitment to a significant expansion of renewable energy in the energy balance, in order to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, contribute to improved energy security and access, and form the backbone of a future low-carbon energy system. With its very low per capita energy use, mitigation of climate change is less of an issue for Africa than for Europe. For Africa, with its abundant resources, renewable energy could play a major role in meeting the continent's rapidly growing need for energy to expand access, to power economic growth and to promote social progress. The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) was launched in Lisbon in December 2007, as a long-term framework for structured political dialogue and cooperation on energy issues of strategic importance. Energy access, energy security and renewable energy are the three priority areas, each with a specific target. On renewable energy, Africa and Europe have agreed on ambitious political targets for the partnership, notably to increase the use of renewable energy in Africa: for the year 2020, an additional 10,000 MW of hydro-power, 5,000 MW of wind energy, and 500 MW of other renewable energies.

Source: Partenariat Afrique-UE pour l’énergie