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ACP envoys discuss "new norms" for development cooperation with India

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

ACP envoys discuss "new norms" for development cooperation with India

Indian Ambassador to the EU H.E Manjeev Singh Puri called for enhanced South-South and Triangular cooperation, in a special discussion with fellow African, Caribbean and Pacific diplomats. While describing the assistance provided by developed countries as the “backbone” of development cooperation, Mr. Singh Puri said that sharing of resources, knowledge, expertise amongst developing countries (South-South), often with a third party industrialised partner also contributing (Triangular), is an essential a supplement to the traditional North-South partnership model.
“I am extremely interested in seeing what we as countries as the South can do for ourselves to better our own situation… putting forward together the idea that countries of the South espouse principles and objectives which are similar to what others say, [including] democracy, freedoms, choice, and willingness to work together for a better future for our peoples, and for ourselves to try and pool in our resources to see what we can do,” he said.
Ambassador Singh Puri used lessons and examples drawn from the India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA), including a trust fund created by the three emerging powerhouse economies managed by UNDP for development projects around the world.
“It is a very small fund but very interesting fund, where the three countries every year contribute a million dollars each. Since its inception [in 2003], the fund now has USD$27 million of cumulated capital, with much of the money used up for various cooperation projects,” he said. “We countries of the South are there to share our experience, share our knowledge and to the extent as possible, provide a financial incentive for projects.”
Ambassador Singh Puri shared IBSA’s experience in overcoming various challenges in implementation due to the size of the projects and the commitment to abide by national authorities’ needs. IBSA shows the ability of countries in the South to work together to complement development assistance already provided by developed countries.  
South African Ambassador to the EU, H.E Mxolisi Nkosi said: “IBSA the ACP Group are bound by the common objectives to promote South-South solidarity. The strength of the ACP lies in its numbers; the strength of the IBSA lies in the size of its countries and in the positions that they occupy in their respective continents, so we should utilise each other’s strengths to promote mutual goals and mutual objectives we hold dearly that we share as two distinct but related organisations."

Source: ACP Secretariat