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Europe called for more investments for research and technology

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Europe called for more investments for research and technology

The European Union (EU) has called for an increase in investment for research and technology in order to address the challenges of food insecurity. According to the EU’s ambassador to Kenya, Lodewijk Briet, it is part of a wider development strategy to develop agriculture and increase food production. The ambassador said research is crucial in fighting poverty and improving the livelihoods of many households in Africa.
He added that the partnership between the EU and the African Union (AU) has helped to improve veterinary services, fishing and livestock practices and resources and that this has had a real impact on millions of lives across the continent. He also highlighted the need to adopt a regional and even continental approach to face the current challenges of African agriculture.
The EU supports research and development to develop drought resistant species, spread best practice in conservation agriculture, improving efficiencies in farming. “We are also supporting critical sectors like coffee and sugar and helping to prepare communities for the hardships caused by climate change,” Briet said at an event for the 50th anniversary of the African Union’s Inter-African bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR). Since its creation, the EU has been the main financier of the AU-IBAR. Over the past four years the EU has spent Sh15 billion towards eradicating rinderpest and providing benefits to 350 million households in Africa whose livelihoods rely on animals and livestock. The partnership between the EU and AU-IBAR has contributed to improve veterinary services in Africa and provided support to the fishing industry through better environmental protection, improved licensing for fishing and enhanced trade and export policies.

Source: Standard Digital