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European-African partnerships and the MDGs

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

European-African partnerships and the MDGs

As we reported this week, five members of the European Parliament launched a Written Declaration on Science Capacity Building in Africa promoting European African radio astronomy partnerships. One of the declaration makers, Fiona Hall, who is leader of the Liberal Democrat group in the European Parliament, has written an article where lists the reasons why partnerships between the EU and Africa can help deliver on the Millennium Development Goals.
Remarkably she has stated : “Now Africa is bidding to host the Square Kilometer Array or SKA - the most powerful radio telescope ever conceived which seeks to provide answers to fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of the universe. Africa, as a continent, has a competitive advantage in the study of radio astronomy because of its astronomically rich southern sky, low levels of radio frequency interference and very little light pollution; a unique combination of geographical and socioeconomic conditions making southern Africa an ideal candidate to host the radio telescopes of the future”.
“If Africa is allowed to play an increasing role in the global knowledge economy - then science will be able to make a very significant, durable and effective contribution to Africa's human, social and economic development”, she concluded.

Source: Public Service Europe