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Brexit ‘may mean huge loss for EU as global donor’

Video guest: Josephine Mwangi

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Brexit ‘may mean huge loss for EU as global donor’

Britain’s departure from the EU will challenge the bloc’s role as the world leading aid donor, and could see EU aid shrink by up to 3%, according to an authoritative new study by the European Parliament. The EU is the world’s largest aid donor, and the UK in absolute terms, is the second biggest, giving some $18.7bn. The withdrawal of the UK from the EU by 2019 “may therefore mean a huge loss for the EU as a global donor”, the 40-page report warns. The publication comes as the UK looks to review its aid strategy, under a famously aid-sceptic new development minister, Priti Patel. At a major aid conference in London on Tuesday (21 March) Patel pledged a new focus on smaller, grassroots charities. She had previously questioned the UK government’s (and EU target) of spending 0.7% of GDP on aid and employed a special advisor who advocated the abolition of the Department for International Development. That comes against a background of a right-wing media campaign in the UK, led by the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, to cut overseas aid. Speaking at the BOND development conference, Patel announced a new fund operated with the Charity Commission for small charities with under £250,000 per annum income.


Source: Euractiv