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Monday, 25 July 2016

South African President Jacob Zuma while addressing a South Africa – France Business Forum in Paris said, wine made in the rainbow nation is the best. ‘‘Yes, South African wine is the best! If you have not tasted it yet, do not be left behind. Do so without delay. You will not be disappointed,’‘ Zuma said. Zuma is on an official visit to France, the second during his presidency, which saw him hold high level bilateral meetings with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande. Yes, South African wine is the best! If you have not tasted it yet, do not be left behind. Do so without delay.

There is further room to increase bilateral trade and investment and expand cooperation between South Africa and France, particularly in energy and infrastructure, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday. Zuma, currently on his second State visit to France to meet with French counterpart President François Hollande, indicated that increased industrialisation, localisation, job creation and skills development linked to the large infrastructure and energy contracts secured by French companies remained a top priority.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

On French insistence, the Treaty of Rome had provided for preferential treatment of imports from the colonial territories of the Member States and, as some of these former colonies gained their independence, access was maintained through the Yaoundé Convention. Concessions were subsequently extended to other African countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), and in 1972 Mauritius acceded to the Yaoundé convention. With the accession of the UK to the EU in 1973, however, new arrangements were needed and this resulted in the Lomé Convention, signed in the capital of Togo in February 1975.

Tanzania has said it will not sign an economic partnership agreement (EPA) between East Africa Community (EAC) and European Union (EU) following Brexit. The announcement caused anguish and shock at the EAC headquarters in Arusha. A number of officials at the Secretariat were apparently at a loss on Friday on learning of the country's U-turn as announced in Dar es Salaam by Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Aziz Mlima. "Has the Tanzania government withdrawn?" inquired a surprised official who said if it was true, the move would be a setback to the negotiations which have been going on for years between EAC and EU.

Monday, 11 July 2016

MyBucks last week launched our Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB), pleasingly fully subscribed and indeed at a particularly intriguing moment in European and no doubt world history. Germany, long the financial steward of the European Union, faces a challenge in assisting in the transition process for Great Britain’s departure from the EU, while holding the tiller from any socioeconomic squall that may rear from ‘Brexit’. Yet while confidence behind European ‘interconnectedness’ may at times such as these damper and no doubt only briefly, globalisation in practice has never been more effervescent.