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Sunday, 04 December 2016

The export of passion fruit from Kenya is not always easy. “They taste delicious and are much sweeter than many other types of passion fruit. This is because we pick them later. It is challenging to supply them to European countries with the right shelf life, but we are always looking for the best possible logistical solutions. We send fresh passion fruit to the Netherlands every week. We listen to consumers, who want to buy ready-to-eat products more and more often.” The Kenyan company Miyonga supplies various exotic fruits and vegetables. Yvonne Otieno, Miyonga’s CEO, indicates that they mostly grow these fruits and vegetables themselves. “Additionally, part is supplied by other cultivators.

The Council recalls its conclusions of 20 July 2015 on EU Energy Diplomacy which underlined the need to ensure coherence between EU foreign and energy policies. The Council further recalls the Energy Union strategy and calls for Europe to become the world leader in renewable energy, including research, innovation and technologies. The Council underlines that the EU's development policy and actions in the energy sector are a fundamental part of a revitalised European energy and climate diplomacy.

The Council welcomes the first Results Report 1 as a significant step forward in strengthening
the focus on performance and results in EU international cooperation and development. The Council also recalls its conclusions of 14 May 2014 and 26 May 2015 which paved the way towards the EU International Cooperation and Results Framework. 2. The Council welcomes with satisfaction the good results achieved in areas such as good governance and democracy, support to situation of fragility, job creation, education, health, sustainable agriculture and natural resources.

EU representatives are attending the Second High Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Nairobi, Kenya. On this occasion they will emphasize the importance of country ownership, transparency, results and inclusive partnerships in our development policy. "The European Union is improving donor harmonisation through joint EU programming in over 50 countries", said Commissioner for International Development and Cooperation Neven Mimica. "Last week, we published our proposals for a new European Consensus on Development.

The EU wants to lead the food sector in a new direction with a huge scientific and economic stimulus program. The goal is education, research and 350 start-ups promoting new technologies, healthy food, less food waste and less greenhouse gas emissions during food production. Throughout Europe, 50 universities, companies and research institutions have joined forces to form a so-called "Knowledge and Innovation Community" (KIC), as reported by the University of Hohenheim. The European Institute for Technology and Innovation (EIT) has been financing the Innovation Community with 400 million euros under the name EIT Food for 10 years.