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Thursday, 21 November 2019
Call for enhanced WTO transparency through parliamentary involvement
The Brussels Session of the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO concluded with the adoption of a declaration urging "governments and parliaments to engage in a regular dialogue so that the latter can effectively exercise parliamentary oversight of the international trade negotiations and their follow-up." Welcoming the July 2004 WTO General Council decision on the Doha Work Programme, the parliamentarians from 80 countries and the EP say "this raised hopes that the impasse of the Ministerial Conference in Cancun has finally been overcome, with a consensual roadmap now in place for moving the multilateral trade negotiations forward." They also emphasise the substantial contributions that parliamentarians can make to the WTO negotiations and call upon the respective governments to include MPs in their official delegations at the Sixth WTO Conference, in Hong Kong in December 2005 - and to include in the final Ministerial declaration the following text: "Transparency of the WTO should be enhanced by associating parliaments closely with the activities of the WTO". (The full text of the declaration is available from the EP Press Service - contacts below.)

Wednesday, 01 December 2004
World AIDS day 2004
01 December 2004

The theme for the World AIDS Day 2004 focuses on women, girls, and HIV and AIDS – this is also the theme for the World AIDS Campaign this year coordinated by UNAIDS.

The first World AIDS Day was declared in 1 December 1988 by the World Health Organisation. Since that it has been one of the world’s most successful commemorative days and is now celebrated around the world. During this day the progress made in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic is celebrated and at the same time the challenges ahead can be brought into the focus.
According the recent epidemiological estimates from UNAIDS almost 40 million people are living with HIV and almost half of them are women.

Estimated five million new infections occurred in 2004. Within the EU the number of newly reported HIV infections has increased by almost 75 % from 1996 to 2003 according to data from EuroHIV network. According UNAIDS estimates, more than half a million people are living with HIV within the EU. In the neighbouring countries the number of people living with HIV is increasing steeply, in particular in Ukraine. The Russian Federation has the largest epidemic in Europe with estimated 860 000 people living with HIV.

JOINT COMMUNIQUÉ South Africa – European Union Joint Co-operation Council Meeting - Brussels, 23 November 2004 :
2619th AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES council meeting - Bruxelles 22 and 23 November 2004
See report, especially on sugar reform and cooperation in the field of agriculture-related research and the European Fisheries Fund.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) believes that it fully fulfills its role of providing independent, authoritative advice on issues related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
EFSA is not influenced by commercial or any other interests in this area. EFSA operates precisely in line with the arrangements laid down in its founding Regulation 178/2002* adopted by the Council and the European Parliament. EFSA has also gone further than Regulation 178/2002 in the requirements that it lays down for the declaration of interests of scientific experts, stakeholder consultation and transparency. It follows from this that EFSA does not believe that the report of Friends of the Earth Europe** calls into question the legitimacy of its opinions.