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Saturday, 26 May 2018
For an ACP producer-exporter of fruit and vegetables, it is not always easy to find relevant documentation on European sanitary quality and traceability requirements.
To help ACP companies improve their quality management and have access to up-to-date information at all times, PIP has just launched its "Toolbox", which will be distributed in the coming weeks to all programme beneficiaries. This new tool, a virtual library, has been designed to solve the problem of access to information by minimizing the Internet connection difficulties that often complicate the information search in the ACP States.
Commission to tackle gender inequality with new roadmap and €50 million gender institute
Gender inequality in the EU will be tackled by 21 specific activities over the next five years, which are outlined in a new gender equality roadmap published by the European Commission. Proposed Commission activities in the 'Roadmap for equality between men and women 2006-10' include helping set up a new €50 million European institute for gender equality, reviewing all existing EU gender equality law, increasing awareness of gender inequality, ensuring gender equality is considered in all policies and pressing for better statistics. The roadmap aims to, inter alia, tackle the pay gap between men and women, support better work/life balance, eliminate violence and trafficking, support gender budgeting and promote gender equality both within and outside the EU.
European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Joe Borg is in Paris today to attend the launch of the Report prepared by the High Seas Task Force (HSTF) on Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing. He will also have bilateral meetings with a number of the EU’s international partners, including Fisheries Ministers from Australia and Canada and the United States fisheries chief, to discuss possible approaches to the follow up on the work of the Task Force, as well as matters of bilateral interest.
Sunday, 05 March 2006
On 28 February 2006, CTA launched the final phase of its planning process that will culminate in the production of the Centre’s Strategic Plan for 2007 – 2010 by June 2006.

CTA participated in a brainstorming meeting in Frankfurt on 22 February 2006, to select topics on the theme “Desertification”, which will be published in the widely read, CTA-supported magazine “Agriculture and Rural Development” by June 2006.

CTA organised its annual seminar in Cotonou (Benin) from 20 to 24 February 2006 with some 80 participants from 31 ACP countries on ”The Role of Information and Communication in the Development of Small-and Medium-Scale Agri-food Processing Units in Africa”.

CTA convened a meeting of ACP and EU experts (15) from 21 to 24 February 2006 to deliberate on Food Security & Climate Change and draft a policy brief outlining Science and Technology (S&T) options for further consideration by ACP policymakers and stakeholders.
EU and the Caribbean: Commission proposes a new partnership for growth, stability and development
The European Commission has adopted today a proposal for a new EU Strategy for the Caribbean. The strategy promotes a strong partnership between the European Union and the Caribbean on development, the fight against poverty, democracy, human rights and global threats to peace, security and stability. The Commission wishes to shape a political partnership based on shared values to address the Caribbean region’s economic and environmental opportunities and promote social cohesion.